Product Packaging: Snacks Supporting Endangered Animals

Thees 2 products where added to extend the product line of the Polar Bear ice cream bar.

Product Packaging: Choc-O-Saurus

We updated the pouch with a realistic photo montage. The T-Rex was enhanced and stylized from a toy then layered over several stock shots.


Sales one-sheets:

Mountain Icon: Patch for Swag

Website & photos: Chef Soraya

We built AOP a Shopify site for them to launch a new Bean & Rice dish called Chef Soraya. The wanted to show that is a easy prepare, casual meal for all ages.

We gathered a few simple props to emulate a verity of interests and ages groups, but did not want the images to get dated by technology... so we chose timeless items that would help these images stay relevant for years.


Astronaut Foods:

Demo day items to give away. T-shirts with a whimsical alien and postcards that kids can color and mail to friends and family.

Backpackers Pantry:

Hiker Logo for Tradeshow Booth and Merchandies

Backpackers Pantry: Print Ads

Backpackers Pantry: Demo Tent

Designed with assets from the BPP line of camping food, the tents colors and images reinforced the brand product line.

Backpackers Pantry Demo Tent:

When you want to talk to your consumers, it's can be a good idea to do it under a tent. For that minute you have their attention, immerse them in your brand. We use elements from packaging to build a tent for brand continuity.

Backpackers Pantry: Trade Show Product Launch:

At 2014 the O.R. Show in Salt Lake, BPP wanted to release a new line of Pho. We Create postcard invitation, Counter cards, and Chork cards with an international Air Mail theme to drive traffic back to the booth. We where told it was the best booth turn out they had ever had.

Backpackers Pantry: Marketing Material

They wanted a branded item to celebrate their 60th Anniversary that could be handed out at OR. But not be a typical catalog. We recommended a postcard book similar to what you would find in a souvenir shop. One set was sport / adventure focused, the 2nd used vintage family photos... both commemorate the 60th anniversary of this family owned company and the text on the back gave a brief description of the camping food.