We helped Magpul jump to the next level of design and marketing. We designed a new catalog format and packaging template, and guided them on a new path of consumer insight, building a better platform of how they delivered information to their customers.



Magpul RAM Logo:

Rich wanted a logo that was one step above the standard "Made in the USA"

We came up with the RAM logo and it's on every box.

Magpul Packaging:

With 100+ products and 2 lines of accessories, we created a design system that worked across 14 box shapes. The MOE line is green and the Premium line in grey.

Magpul Packaging - before:

The box design Magpul had before we started.

Here are a look at some of the flat files for various boxes.

Print Catalog:

We re-informed the weapon industry on the importance of well design products, as well as the real life stories of how enhanced weapon accessories function. Product content was delivered in chapters with opening text that gave real-life accounts of positive outcomes and lives saved from upgrades to Magpul components. Half informative magazine and half catalog we raised the bar of what soldiers and enthusiasts should expect from their weapon.

Magpul Catalog Posters:

To Inform the customer on the depth of the product line, Magpul shipped a folded catalog/poster in each box. Our task was to figure out how to fit everything by department onto one sheet.

We also took advantage of the press sheet fitting 2 up and created 2 versions of the front image.

2011 version: